Useful Information

General Steps for Proposal Submission

  1. Confirming eligibility in accordance with both HKU's and the funding body's application criteria.
  2. Setting up an account with the funding body via HKU, HKU-SIRI or HKU-ZIRI..
  3. Developing application or proposal, including scope of work and budget of eligible expenditures, in accordance with HKU policies and the funding body's guidelines
  4. Complete the Research Grant Information Formthat needs to be endorsed by either Head of Department or Faculty Dean.
  5. The MRPO will organize administrative checks of the complete package and works with the applicant to ensure completeness, compliance to both the funding body and the university's requirements and policies. The MRPO will inform applicant of ‘administrative accepted’ application/proposal for his/her online submission to the funding body.
  6. Application and proposal requirements vary according to each funding body’s requirements, and those requirements must be carefully followed when preparing an application or proposal for research funding. Timelines and deadlines are always critical – the MRPO deadline for administrative reviews and institutional sign-off is usually seven business days before the funding body deadline for most applications and proposals.