Funding Opportunities
Funding Call: National Key R&D Program 2020 for direct applications in Hong Kong

Date : 2020-04-03

The Ministry of Science and Technology (MoST) is inviting direct applications in Hong Kong for the following themes under the National Key R&D Program 2020:

  • Stem Cells and Translational Research (幹細胞及轉化研究)
  • Nanotechnology (納米科技)
  • Quantum Control and Quantum Information (量子調控與量子信息)
  • Major Scientific Installation and Frontier Research (大科學裝置前沿研究)
  • Proteomic and Life Processes Control (蛋白質機器與生命過程調控)
  • Global Changes and Responses (全球變化及應對)
  • Key scientific issues in areas of information, energy, earth sciences, manufacturing, materials, or life sciences (變革性技術關鍵科學問題)
  • Developmental programming and its metabolic mechanism (發育編程及其代謝調節)
  • Synthetic biology (合成生物學)


Internal deadline: 5 pm, 12 May 2020 (Tuesday)